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Downtown New Brunswick Annual General Meeting 2012 - May 25, 2012

June 8th, 2012 at the Convention Centre in Fredericton, NB, Downtown New Brunswick will be hold it's Annual General Meeting and Round Table Discussion. With special guest speakers attending the event, Downtown New Brunswick looks forward in seeing all it's BIA's in attendance.

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Strategic Plan 2003 - 2006

The Board of Directors of Downtown New Brunswick (DNB) met on June 11 and August 20, 2003 for a strategic planning sessions facilitated by Mr. Conrad LeBlanc from Pro-Results.

During the sessions, the Board agreed on its philosophy (Vision, Mission, Mandate, Values), its long-term goals (Vision 2015), priority strategic goals for year 2006 and objectives for 2003-04.

The Action Plan for 2003-04 will be completed when the Board of Directors identifies the target dates and the responsibility centres.

The philosophy of the organization includes the following four statements:
1. The Vision defines the ultimate or ideal result to be achieved by the organization.

2. The Mission Statement outlines the identity (name), the clientele, the territory and the purpose of the organization.

3. The Mandate enumerates the programs, products and services provided by the organization to its clientele.

4. The Statement of Values identifies the principles that guide the decisions and the actions of the organization.

We envision a future where all New Brunswick downtowns - the heart and soul of our communities - are dynamic, prosperous and sustainable.

The mission of Downtown New Brunswick Inc. is to assist its members in developing prosperous downtowns in the province.

Downtown New Brunswick (DNB) accomplishes its mission by assuming the following mandate:
1. To share information.

2. To provide training and consultation services
to members.

3. To facilitate partnering and networking.

4. To recommend policies.

5. To act as spokesperson for members.

Downtown New Brunswick is guided by the following values:
1. A downtown is the social, cultural and economic centre of a community.

2. Our economic, social, cultural and environmental development is sustainable.

3. We continually strive to adopt solutions respectful of the mutual interests of communities, members and partners.

4. We respect the distinct characteristics of each New Brunswick Business Improvement Area.

5. Our communications are based on trust, mutual respect and integrity.

6. Members work as a team in achieving common priority goals and objectives.

II - VISION 2015
By the year 2015, Downtown New Brunswick has achieved the following priority results:
1. DNB has strengthened its position with members, partners and government.

2. Communication tools have been developed and implemented.

3. Strategic opportunities for strengthening the economic base of New Brunswick downtowns are developed.

4. DNB has facilitated signed partnership agreements with Provincial and Federal Governments.

5. Provincial and Municipal Land Use and Economic Development policies reflect the concept of the principles of Smart Growth and sustainable development.

6. A Model for a vibrant BIA has been developed.

7. Members participate more fully within DNB.

Downtown New Brunswick is committed to reaching the following priority strategic goals by year 2006:
1. Marketing
To strengthen the position of DNB with its members, partners and government.

2. Services to Members
To improve services to members which, will enhance their ability to be prosperous and sustainable.

3. Partnerships and Networking
To establish partnerships and networks that will advance the goals of DNB and its membership.

4. Policy Development
To develop and recommend policies to government which, will strengthen BIA’s in New Brunswick.

5. Internal Operations
To refine operations of the Corporation.